Climate Change Action in Cheshire
Image of green fields and blue skies alongside dried up soil and dark skies

Climate Crisis - global to local

As Climate Change Ambassadors of the Cheshire Federation of WIs we are offering short illustrated talks on how all of us can help to slow down global warming, and also adapt to it.

We provide a choice of modular topics which form a cohesive presentation event. Timings can be adjusted to suit the individual WI or Group. This event will answer some of the questions that WI members have about the changing climate. It will provide WI members with actions they can take on a local, personal level to help mitigate climate change by reducing their carbon footprint and to prepare for coping with extremes of climate.

Presentation Content

There are two core modules that form the framework of every presentation which together take around 20 minutes. These are:-

  1. An introduction on What is Climate Change. An overview of the science behind climate change and the effects of a warmer climate.
  2. The WI Pledge. We offer members the opportunity to pledge to make a simple change in their lifestyle choices. Our presentations and pledge cards will provide ideas on how they can mitigate their carbon footprint, everything from a meat free day a week to switching to green electricity. We will also ask the members to suggest other actions they think would reduce carbon emissions to mitigate climate change. We then ask them to select one positive action and pledge to do it by filling in the pledge card.

We also ask the members to write their pledge on a post-it note that we can take away so we can monitor how many pledges we are getting across the Federation and which ones are the most popular. We do not collect anybody's name.

Additional presentations

In addition we offer a choice of five climate change modules for WIs to choose from and also a short quiz. These ten minute talks can be added to the core presentation to provide a longer talk. We look at specific areas of daily life and help members to learn how climate change will affect these areas. We will suggest actions they can take to mitigate their carbon footprints and to adapt to the effects of climate change.

A free presentation for Cheshire WI meetings

There is no charge for the presentation, but we would appreciate a contribution to travel costs.


Please contact Sue Bentley to find out more at